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 Online Botanicals CourseOnline Drawing Still Life Course 2Online Course Drawing Cats & Dogs 

The Studio is closed due to social distancing rulings BUT ........Online Course are here laugh


All courses have a weekly email of instructions, stage by stage drawings, visuals and online email support. 

All you need is an email address, camera (a way of photographing and emailing your work images to me), pencils, paper, rubber and sharpener. Oh and a desire to improve your drawing skills.

See above flyer and go to Workshops - 'Online Courses Galleries' pages to view some of the work produced by students so far!

Get creative whilst distancing with one of my weekly on line courses. Contact me to book on and recieve your first class!yes  Click on the advert images above to see details.

See work produced also on Facebook at The Studio   

All 6 week courses now only £30, choose from drawing 'Cats & Dogs', 'Botanticals', or 'Still Life' (Course 1 or 2) and Portraiture (Course 1 or 2).


NEW FOR March! Drawing Portraits Course 2- Another 6 wks emailed course- AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE NOW!

Portraiture Course 2- see students work HERE

This courses develops the skills from Course 1

1) Proportions refresher

2) Ways of adding shading - crioss hatching

3) Ways of shading Line directions

4) Using teh scribble technique

5) Chiaroscuro

6) Realistic shading


Portraiture Course 1- see students work HERE

This course covers -

1) Drawing eyes

2) Simple mouth , ear and nose drawing

3) A range of mouths

4) Half Face

5) Angles & Portraits

6) Full Portrait


How to draw Cats & Dogs - see work produced by course students here

This course covers -

1) Drawing the whole body - Structural drawing, proportions and use of line

2) Drawing faces - Proportions, symmetry and 3.D. drawing

3) Drawing fur - Looking at textures/pattern and use of pencil strokes

4) Zooming in - drawing sections to capture texture and tonal contrast

5) Full face study

6) Full body portrait


NEW ! How to draw Botancicals - see students work on this course here

This course covers -

1) Drawing Vegetables - Pencil types and use, tonal range and pencil direction

2) Drawing Fruit- Looking at hatching drawing techniques

3) Drawing botanical seeds - Textures and details

4) Drawing Nuts - Tonal contrasts & textures

5) Drawing Flowers - Delicate tone and pencil awareness

6) Drawing and shading in your large scale still life - Bouquet/plant collection


How to draw Still Life 1- 

This course covers -

1)Drawing organic objects- mapping out and tonal transitions

2) Drawing Glass - Tonal contrasts and really drawing what you see!

3) Drawing in a different way- 'Smudge technique' and 'White on Black'

4) Drawing Ceramics - Highlights, glazes and matts

5) The Big Draw- Mapping out large compositions 

6) The Big Draw- shading and contrast work


How to draw Still Life 2- See work produce by students on this course here

This course covers -

1) Drawing fabric - smooth tonal transitions

2) Drawing a range of textures- Pencil line qualities, tonal contrast and tonal range

3) Metal - Tonal contrast and distortion

4) Drawing Packaging - Fitting pattern and text around a form

5) Packaging and distortion

6) Final Big Still Life study